CAUGHT | 1983
[Rooftop Records]
Forward momentum prevails and the band that has been attempting to find its center finally arrives. A clear sound has emerged, and this album just sings in the best possible way. During the writing process for the fourth album the band recognizes that they turned a critical corner on World of Sand. Gleaning the best part of that record, the new material for Caught is fashioned and the integration of guitars, vocals, keyboards all collaborates exquisitely.

1983-Caught In the Act
Jonathan David Brown recording Caught
Rob in the studio
Band promotional photo
Bob and Bruce hamming it up
Owen and Sandie concert
concert tour with multi-media backdrop
Rob and Bob, trying out for the chorus girls
Bob sporting the jack
Sandie with child
David with drums

The songs have a new energy. There is a palpable sense of urgency, a clear call to mission to reach the lost before time slips through our fingers. From its opening track (Burning Bridges) to the final cut (Can’t Go Back), the guitars and keyboards are richer, fuller, at times unleashed, (Now is the Time, Tied Down) at times anthemic, (Thank God). Dreamy digital landscapes weave soul throughout (Fall Out, Gauges) offering a precursor to Light Maneuvers and Swimming in a Human Ocean, still to come. And yet there is also approachableness, a playful pop cleverness here as well, (Holding on to You, Heart to Heart, and Something Right).

Bob, the consummate jock
always full of energy
Jungle Music
Bruce doing his routine
the duckwalk

At this juncture, excited about the music and message and with a new confidence, Servant embarked on the Great American Album Give Away Tour. This was the brainchild of Jim Palosaari (manager) and Paul Jenkinson (agent)—every person who bought a concert ticket would receive a free copy of Servant’s album, "Caught in the Act of Loving Him” or, if you bought the album at a record outlet, you would receive a free concert ticket. Over one hundred thousand records were distributed, and the music of Servant was placed in the hands and hearts of a much larger audience than ever before.

Servant/Degarmo and Key tour poster
with Will McFarlane/Loyd Thogmartin
with Marty McCall & Fireworks
Eddie Degarmo
Degarmo and Key
Dana Key
Marty McCall , Sandie, Jerry Gaston
Sandie and Marty McCall
Servant with Fireworks
Robyn Pope, the band and Micki and Becki
Will McFarlane and Loyd Thogmartin
transferring equipment-one of the many breakdowns

Will McFarlane Band
Loyd Thogmartin, Robyn Pope, band and crew
love that Tele'
at home with some of the treeplanters
CCM cover shot
Incredible road crew: Gary
and... John
Rob's better half, Lori
Photos: N.Martinez, C.Briscoe, R. Jaffe, L.Rosebrock, R.Martin, and unknown

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